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Raylyn Nuss

Raylyn Nuss


I started working with Chris at the end of August 2017 in hopes of taking my cyclocross racing to the next level. I was just coming off of triathlon season, and was in need of knowledge and guidance on how to completely switch gears for cyclocross racing; which began in September. Needless to say, after only working with Chris for a few months I went from racing at the Cat 2 level, to earning points and finishing Top 10 in UCI Elite racing, and qualifying to race as an Elite at the USA Cyclocross National Championships. Chris is really great at understanding me as a person, as well as an athlete. He truly cares, and his dedication in making me the best version of myself I can be is extremely refreshing. It’s not every day you find a coach willing to put in the extra time to fully understand you. I not only ended my first full cyclocross season with a 16th place in my first ever cyclocross nationals race, but I ended the season with the excitement and a sense of direction for my future as a cyclist under the guidance of Chris Mileski.

Notable Alumni & Current Athletes

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Atlanta Braves Baseball Club
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Tara Bakker Cycling (MTB)
Ryan Barr Triathlon
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John Bauer Triathlon
Tommy Bawden Boston Red Sox
Jacob Bell St. Louis Rams
Drew Bennett Tennessee Titans
Libby Benoist Trinity University Tennis
Jake Berger Princeton University Hockey
Casey Berrier Loyola-Chicago Soccer
Alayne Beshey Cycling (Road)
Julie Besmer University of Dayton Soccer
Jerome Bettis Pittsburgh Steelers
Debra Bevard Triathlon
Geoff Birch Cycling (Road)
Ben Bishop Dallas Stars
James Blake ATP World Tour
Darrius Blevins St. Louis Rams
Kyrstin Bluhm Papa Johns Cycling Team
Dre’ Bly Kansas City Chiefs
Alex Boekholt Triathlon
Natasha Boekholt Triathlon
Cruise Bogedin Cycling (CX)
Tara van den Boogert Triathlon
Dave Bosner Air Force Hockey
Ariel Boulicault University of Arizona Soccer
Justin Bowen Cycling (Road and CX)
Brett Bowling Cycling (MTB)
Helen Boyle Louisiana State University Volleyball
Emily Bramel Cycling (Road)
Caroline Brandt Rockhurst University Soccer
Matt Brandt Cycling (Road)
Chris Briley Triathlon
Tommy Brooks Robert Morris University Hockey
Matt Brophy Cycling (Road)
Scott Brown Vanderbilt University Tennis
Isaac Bruce St. Louis Rams
Jake Burger Chicago White Sox
Busch Soccer Club
Tyler Bussman Cycling (Road)
Alice Butler Cycling (Road and MTB)
Jerametrius Butler St. Louis Rams
Jarius Byrd Buffalo Bills
Rachel Byus FCS Rouse Cycling Team
Laura Calcaterra Trinity University Tennis
Kelsey Calvert Iowa State University Soccer
Trung Canidate St. Louis Rams
Chris Carr Boston Celtics
Lori Chalupny National Team – USA Soccer
Nick Chevalley Cycling (Road)
Darla Chilton Cycling (MTB)
Christy Cigno Auburn University Soccer
Chase Coffman Professional BMX
Jessica Cole Auburn University Swimming
Jessica Cook Rockhurst University Soccer and Triathlon
David Crane Triathlon
Kyle Cress Cycling (Road)
Ryan Culp Cycling (Road)
Jennifer Cunnane Triathlon
Andy Czarnecki Cycling (Road)
Tessa Daniels Loyola University Soccer
Lindsay Davenport WTA
Austin Davis BMX
Carey Davis Pittsburgh Steelers
Carolyn Davis Triathlon
Kyle Davis BMX
Jay Delsing PGA Tour
Arianna Demos Drury University Tennis
Dalton Demos Coastal Carolina Football
Gabby Demos Creighton University Tennis
Jacqueline Denny Cycling (Road)
Ross Detwiler Washington Nationals
Gail Devers USA Track & Field
Yvonne Deyo Adventure Racing
Adam Dezego Cycling (Road)
Rebekah Dilley Cycling (Road)
Todd Dohogne Adventure Racing
Catherine Dolan Missouri State University Golf
Meg Dolan Lynn University Soccer
Sean Dolan University of Wisconsin Hockey
Anthony Dorsett Oakland Raiders
Zach Dorsey Cycling (MTB and BMX)
John Dubuque Cycling (Road)
Cole Dunlop University of Arizona Hockey
Connor Dunlop University of Notre Dame Hockey
Lindsey Durst Cycling (Road and MTB)
Adam Eaton Cycling (Road)
Meredith Ellis DePauw University Field Hockey
Margo Ellis University of Richmond Field Hockey
Natalie Emro Michigan State University Volleyball
Terry Fair Detroit Lions
D’Marco Farr St. Louis Rams
Marshall Faulk St. Louis Rams
Brandon Feehery Astellas Pro Cycling Team
Allyson Felix USA Track & Field
Travis Finan Cycling (MTB)
Hannah Rae Finchamp Clif Pro Team
Danielle Flynn Eastern Illinois University Soccer
Lauren Flynn University of Missouri Soccer
Tori Flynn Creighton University Soccer
Mark Foster Cycling (TT)
Johnathan Freter Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team
Mike Furrey St. Louis Rams
Erin Gaebe University of Oregon Lacrosse
Ron Gant St. Louis Cardinals
Joe Germanese New England Revolution
Christy Giesler Triathlon
Bernard Gilkey St. Louis Cardinals
Gunner Gilliam Cycling (MTB)
Chris Givens St. Louis Rams
Cody Goettl Cycling (MTB)
Nilmarie Gonzalez Cycling (Road)
Steve Gordon Cycling (TT)
Tim Graham Cycling (Road)
John Gray Cycling (Road)
Patrick Gribbon Cycling (Road)
Cole Grossman Columbus Crew
Dee Guempel St. Louis University Soccer
Tommy Haas ATP World Tour
Matt Hagenhoff Triathlon
Luke Haley Cycling (CX)
Donna Halliburton Triathlon
Mary Hartman Cycling (TT)
Pat Hogan Syracuse University Lacrosse
Claire Hulcer University of Tulsa Soccer
Stacey Hagen Trail Running
Christy Hager-Moninger Cycling (Road) and Triathlon
Az-Zahir Hakim St. Louis Rams
Michael Hamann Cycling (Road)
Becky Handley University of Tulsa Soccer
Joanna Hayes USA Track & Field
Tom Heidbrier Cycling (Road)
Gavin Helton Triathlon
Casey Hildebrandt Cycling (CX and MTB)
Allison Hu University of Missouri Soccer
Megan Huez Syracuse University Soccer
Marc Hirshman Cycling (Road)
John Holden Cycling (Road)
Torry Holt St. Louis Rams
Karen Holtmann Cycling (MTB)
Todd Holtmann Cycling (MTB)
Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies
Tony Horne St. Louis Rams
Courtney Hulcer St. Louis University Soccer
Nancy Hulslander Triathlon
Jenny Hummert St. Louis University Soccer
Adam Inch Cycling (MTB)
Iron Kids Soccer Club
Ashley James Cycling (Road and CX)
Vontrell Jamison Dallas Cowboys
JB Marine Soccer Club
Luke Jensen ATP World Tour
Murphy Jensen ATP World Tour
Jackie Joyner-Kersee USA Track & Field
Chris Johnson Oakland Raiders
Dick Johnson St. Louis Country Club Pro
Josh Johnson Gateway Harley Davidson Cycling Team
Todd Johnson Buffalo Bills
Edgar Jones Baltimore Ravens
Michael Jones St. Louis Rams
Brian Jordan Atlanta Braves
Kayla Jupp University of Central Missouri Soccer
Kate Keeler Cycling (Road and CX)
Jessica Kelley St. Louis University Soccer
Athlete Sport
Jimmy Kennedy Denver Broncos
Bobby Keppel Minnesota Twins
Allison Kerr California Lutheran University Volleyball
Justin King St. Louis Rams
Brady Kiss Cycling (MTB & BMX)
Jeff Kloha Cycling (Road)
Neil Komadoski University of Notre Dame Hockey
Kari Konneman Triathlon
Chris Koo Triathlon
Andrew Kramer Cycling (Road)
Parker LaBarge PGA Tour
Whitney Laiho University of Florida Tennis
Ray Lankford St. Louis Cardinals
Lauren Lamping Indiana University Soccer
Amanda Lappe Cycling (MTB and Road)
Jeff Larson University of Connecticut Hockey
James Laurinaitis St. Louis Rams
Ty Law New England Patriots
Sarah Lawrence-Lohse Cycling (Road)
Michael Ledbetter Cycling (Road)
Melisa Lemus Cycling (MTB)
Chris Long Philadelphia Eagles
Dane Looker St. Louis Rams
Amy Lopez University of Dayton Soccer
Lou Fusz Soccer Club
Jeff LoVecchio Boston Bruins
Sarah Lukas Cycling (MTB)
John Mabry St. Louis Cardinals
Lindsey Maier University of Colorado-Boulder Hockey
Joel Maisenhelder Cycling (CX)
Joe Mannion Triathlon
Brandon Manumaleuna San Diego Chargers
Lawrence Maroney New England Patriots
Mike Matheny St. Louis Cardinals
Tate Matheny Boston Red Sox
Loreen Mattson Cycling (MTB)
Tom McCarthy Cycling (Road)
Kenny McClendon Central Michigan University Football
Philip McCrae St. Louis Blues
Devlin McDonough Cycling (CX and Road)
Jackie Mendillo Trinity University Tennis
Yesica Mendoza Cycling (Road and Track)
Annie Menees Vanderbilt University Tennis
Metro Strikers Soccer Club
Missouri Premier Soccer Club
Sean Muncy Brown University Hockey
Tim Norris Cycling (Road)
Raylyn Nuss Cycling (CX)
Randy Orton WCW Professional Wrestling
Mark McGuire St. Louis Cardinals
Pat McCadden Michigan Tech University Hockey
Dexter McCleon Kansas City Chiefs
Dean Meyer Triathlon
Kelsey Meyer University of Missouri Golf
Tommy Meyer LA Galaxy
Case Munson University of Missouri Baseball
Yo Murphy Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bethany Murray Trail Running
Phil Nadeau Cycling (Road)
Stephanie Nadeau Cycling (Road)
Pat Noonan New England Revolution
Kate O’Connell Indiana University Field Hockey
Meg O’Connell Indiana University Field Hockey
Hilary Orf St. Louis University Cross Country
Clayton Otto Giant Co-Factory Cycling Team
Orlando Pace St. Louis Rams
Austin Palasota BMX
Zdenek Palecek Trail Running and Marathon
Todd Parker Cycling (Road)
Carolyn Pearson Adventure Cycling
Doug Pearson Adventure Cycling
John Peiffer Cycling (MTB)
Dale Peluso Cycling (Road)
Michelle Perry USA Track and Field
Alex Pietrangelo St. Louis Blues
Madison Pitts Cycling (BMX)
Sarah Plumb Marathon
Laura Porte Marathon
Kris Portnoy Triathlon
Sean Power Cycling (Road)
Mike Pratl Cycling (Road)
Andrew Prater Pittsburgh Pirates
Amanda Pratzel University of Oklahoma Tennis
John Ramage University of Wisconsin Hockey
Brian Reagan University of Connecticut Hockey
Corina Redmond Cycling (CX) and Triathlon
Shannon Regan University of Miami (OH) Field Hockey
Gary Reim Cycling (Road)
Alli Reimer St. Louis University Soccer
Michael Restovich Atlanta Braves
Ashley Rethemeyer Cycling (Road)
Cameron Rex Gateway Harley Davidson Cycling Team
Shaun Richardson Arizona Cardinals
Sheldon Richardson New York Jets
Chris Roberson Philadelphia Phillies
Stuart Robson Cycling (CX / MTB)
Tiana Row Cycling (MTB)
Meredith Rull Villanova University Field Hockey
Bryce Salvador St. Louis Blues
Dan Sandbrink Stanford University Baseball
Cristel Santiago Cycling (Track) and Triathlon
Kerri Schewe-Mileski Cycling (MTB and CX)
Collin Schmidt BMX
Jonathon Schilling Cycling (Road and Track)
Joe Schnapp Cycling (Road and MTB)
David Schneberger Cycling (Road)
Blake Schneider St. Louis University Soccer
Meagan Schneider St. Louis University Soccer
Annie Schwartz Cycling (MTB)
Darnay Scott Cincinnati Bengals
Scott Gallagher Soccer Club
Monica Seles WTA
Jason Shupp Motocross
Jason Simontacci St. Louis Cardinals
Amanda Skillman Triathlon
Blake Slagle University of Kansas Baseball
David Smith Cycling (Road)
Jacqui Smith St. Louis University Soccer
Sean Sortor Triathlon
Derek Stanley St. Louis Rams
Kiki Stastny University of Notre Dame Tennis
Paul Stastny Colorado Avalanche
Yan Stastny St. Louis Blues
Taylor St. Eve Southern Methodist University Tennis
Kathryn St. George Lindenwood University Lacrosse
St. Louis Blues Hockey Club
Abbey Stock St. Louis University Soccer
Maddie Stock University of Missouri Basketball
Morgan Stock University of Missouri Basketball
Francis St. Paul Pittsburgh Steelers
Tyson Strachan St. Louis Blues
David Stroot Cycling (Road)
Jay Strothman Cycling (CX)
Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club
Kim Thompson Texas Christian University Soccer
William Timmons Cycling (Road)
Robert Thomas St. Louis Rams
Dianna Tickner Triathlon
Scott Torenten Triathlon
Annie Truetzel Duke University Tennis
Aleke Tsoubanos Vanderbilt University Tennis
Travis Turnbull Buffalo Sabres
Kurt Tweedy Cycling (Road)
Carrie Twellman University of Central Missouri Soccer
John Ulett Marathon
Jamie Valencheck-Shupp Cycling (Road)
AJ Van Slyke St. Louis Cardinals
Scott Van Slyke Los Angeles Dodgers
David Vobora St. Louis Rams
Amber Vredenburg Cycling (Road)
Jonathan Wade Cincinnati Bengals
Scot Walker Triathlon
Hayden Warner Cycling (Road)
Patricia Watson Cycling (Road)
Fred Wencel Triathlon
Daniel Wenzelburger Cycling (Track)
Lauren Whalen Tulane University Soccer
William Whitticker Green Bay Packers
Daryl Whittington Philadelphia Eagles
Alex Wideman University of Miami (OH) Hockey
Chris Wideman Ottawa Senators
Demi Wideman University of Miami (OH) Field Hockey
Mark Wiley Cycling (Road)
Aeneas Williams St. Louis Rams
Daniel Williams Cycling (Road)
Fred Williams Cycling (MTB)
Grant Williams St. Louis Rams
Roland Williams St. Louis Rams
Jessica Wilson Murray State University Soccer
Julie Winkler Evansville University Soccer
Greg Wittner Cycling (Road)
Wolfpack Soccer Club
Toby Wright St. Louis Rams
Micheal Young Arizona Cardinals
Tara Zika Creighton University Soccer
Hanne Zmierczak Cycling (Road)


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Ready to Begin?