Coach Chris Mileski transformed Hannah Finchamp from a high school triathlete into a professional mountain biker. He sees a future where kids have an opportunity to build strong mind, bodies, character, and communities through cycling.

Chris Mileski Coaching

Road Racing   Mountain Biking   Endurance Riding   Cyclocross   Triathlon   Running

Custom Designed Program

  • Individualized Training Plans
  • Event Specific Training Plans
  • Skills Clinics and One on One Sessions
  • Comprehensive Strength Programs
  • Injury Prevention Techniques
  • Enhanced All-Around Athletic Prowess

What's Cookin'

It’s the ability to be mentally and physically tougher; to suffer; to turn the screws; the ability to push yourself harder than you have ever pushed yourself before!
Coach Chris Mileski

In 20+ years Chris Mileski has accomplished more on the front of human performance than most could even think possible. He has used passion and tenacity to excel in all aspects of health, wellness, and sports performance as he’s travelled the globe coaching some of the world’s greatest athletes.

Ready to Begin?

Ready to Begin?